Hagwitch is a per-zine with spells; a bunch of my thoughts, memories, opinions and ideas accompanied by spooky magic. If you took a book of shadows, crossbred it with some diary entries, and then fed it through a Xerox machine, Hagwitch would be the baby.

Issue One deals with the gendering of witchcraft and domesticity, how the patriarchy is repressive, and why my witchcraft is all about the home and garden. It comes with a fairytale and a delicious bread-baking spell.

Issue Two is set up like a mixtape. It is about music and friendship and love, synchronicity, death, reunions and remembrance. It is like a song stuck in your head, repeating over and over…the longest, saddest, sweetest, strangest mix tape.

Issue Three was going to be about relationships, but it ended up being just about me. It is me spilling my guts, examining my demons. I talk about gender confusion and self-hate and disordered eating and school days and fear and perfection and anxiety and labels and the permission to just be.

In addition to Hagwitch, I also create tarot spread mini zines! Each itsy, bitsy, 8-page zine contains a 4-5 card tarot spread. Series 1 (1-3) features tarot spreads about spring and summer, garden-themed and all about personal growth. Sowing, sprouting, blossoming.

For now, my zines are trade only, but I hope to get an online store up-and-running soon. I’m still working out all the kinks, but I expect to have it up by mid-July soon (I promise!)! Watch this space!

Online store coming soon!