2016, 1/8 size, 16 pages
Second Edition, Available via the CMC Zine Shop
The first edition of this zine has a creme linen cover, the second edition has a kraft paper cover.
Distro History: Pioneer’s Press (Lansing, KS), Neither/Nor (Kansas City, MO)


A pocket spellbook for the zinester looking to infuse a little magic into their zine craft. Featuring copy machine spells, zinester tarot suits, and more. From the intro: “Zines are magical objects. I don’t just mean that in the metaphorical sense…they can be powerful tools for witchcraft, a vessel for spells or charms. Printing a zine releases your thoughts and words into the world and makes them real. It is an act of conjuration, like activating a sigil or casting a spell.”

Pocci 4


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