Bee with Roses

I spent most of 2014 planning my wedding, so I didn’t get to garden quite as much as I would’ve liked. Still, Tom and I grew enough vegetables to eat some sort of garden-to-table dish at least twice a week all summer long.

In the late spring, my peonies and spinach flourished. Summer began with an itty bitty zucchini, then ended with a whopper the size of a house cat! We harvested months and months of fresh tomatoes, perfect as a poppable snack right off the vine or in a slow-simmered marinara. We had kale and basil and beans and flowers.

This year, I’ve got bigger and better plans. I’m eschewing most of my spring gardening to make it all happen, but rest-assured, if all goes well, it’ll make last year’s attempt look puny. 2015 will be the summer of no grocery shopping, the year of the Homegrown Feast. I can’t wait to begin!

Summer Garden 2015: Seed Selection


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