I visited the Denver Zine Library a little over a year ago, and have put off writing this post for 379 whole days. Not because of the my experiences at the library or in Denver, or anything like that, but simply because of the old zinester’s excuse: life got in the way, and as usual, there were delays, and I’m sorry this post is late.

I’m sitting in my work cube right now, trying to write thru pain. Two days ago, I crashed my bicycle and ended up with scraped palms, a busted knee, a blackened-and-bloodied chin, a left elbow that no longer bends, and a bouquet of bruises on my thighs. My shoulders feel fucking heavy. My face feels greasy and the scabs on my chin are itchy and distracting. I’m having a hard time concentrating on work, but I do feel the motivation to finally finish this blog. (Is that why most of my zines are about sad girl things, because pain—both physical and emotional—seems to motivate me to write?)

The Denver Zine Library was everything I

Gardening on a Dime

Between the fancy plant names (e.g.: Madame Emile Debatene, Little Miss Daisy, Abraham Darby) and a seemingly never-ending list of “necessary” tools, gardening can feel like a rich man’s hobby reserved only for those with the money to “do it right”. It doesn’t help that books such as The $64 Tomato are contending that it costs upwards of $16,000 dollars to get a garden going! That’s bewildering—16k is over half of my family’s yearly income, and we aren’t spending anywhere close to that on our garden. Here’s the truth: gardening can be dirt cheap. Sure, at first the raised beds and heirloom seeds are […]

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Last Year’s Garden

I spent most of 2014 planning my wedding, so I didn’t get to garden quite as much as I would’ve liked. Still, Tom and I grew enough vegetables to eat some sort of garden-to-table dish at least twice a week all summer long. In the late spring, my peonies and spinach flourished. Summer began with an itty bitty zucchini, then ended with a whopper the size of a house cat! We harvested months and months of fresh tomatoes, perfect as a poppable snack right off the vine or in a slow-simmered marinara. We had kale and basil and beans and […]

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