Zines are self-published diy read-adbles, typically made using a copy machine. I try to write the sort of zines that I like to read: perzines that are unflinchingly honest, vulnerable and real. I always try to be honest, even if it hurts, or is awkward and uncomfortable. I write a lot about pain and anxiety, but also about adventures and magic. Writing a perzine is a form of purging. It's a way to build a community. I write zines for other sad girls, proud hysterics, femmes, weirdos and witches. I write zines to feel less alone. Most of my zines reference witchcraft, and many are spellbooks. Sometimes I think of my zines as a photocopied book of shadows: here are my experiences, and here are the spells that I use to cope, and the ways that I feel real and the ways that I survive.

In addition to creating my own zines, I am an organizer of the annual Kansas City Zine Con, write a diy-centric microblog, and have facilitated zine workshops for both local non-profit organizations and private parties. Creating a culture and community of, for and by zinesters is my passion.